Glastonbury Festival

Glastonbury Festival

What is Glastonbury Festival?

Glastonbury Festival is the world’s largest music and performing arts festival, attracting festival-goers from all over the world, making Worthy Farm a cultural melting pot. 

The famous festival began in 1970 after founder Michael Eavis took inspiration from the nearby Bath & West Blues Festival. 1,500 people attended what was then called the Pilton Pop, Folk & Blues Festival and watched The Kinks headline. Not only that, all festival attendees were treated to free milk from the farm.

By 1981 the festival had evolved into what we know today as Glastonbury Festival and a long line of incredible artists performed through the eighties including: Van Morrsion, UB40, The Smiths, Elvis Costello and The Cure.

The start of nineties marked the twentieth anniversary of the first festival, however the celebrations were marred by travellers looting the festival site, resulting in over 230 arrests.

The 1990’s saw the festival continue to aggressively grow as music lovers continued to flock from around the globe to see artists such as: Primal Scream, Oasis, The Prodigy, Radiohead and Fatboy Slim.

The last twenty years have only seen Glastonbury Festival further cement themselves as the behemoth they are with practically every hit artist you can imagine taking to the one of their famous stages at least once. The latest Glastonbury Festival saw an official attendance of 135,000, with every single ticket selling out in under 36 minutes. A far cry from 1,500 people 49 years earlier.

Where is Glastonbury Festival held?

Glastonbury Festival is held on Worthy Farm in Pilton, Somerset. The entire festival is spread across 900 acres in the Vale of Avalon, the entire site is more than a mile and a half across with a perimeter of over eight miles.

How much do Glastonbury Festival Tickets cost?

Glastonbury Festival tickets cost £265 per person + £5 booking fee. It is worth noting that £50 of the £265 is a deposit fee. Children under 12 go absolutely free, as is tradition.
In terms of your tickets arriving, you should expect tickets to arrive through your letterbox one week before Glastonbury Festival begins.